Hello World!

Published 10/11/2021

So you've probably noticed that this website is a bit bare bones... That's probably not going to change much, I am not a web developer, I am a games programmer. I know my way around HTML, CSS, and JS, but nowhere near enough to write an entire website from the ground up with all those fancy animations that eat up my CPU. This is going to be a fun experience for everyone involved!

I've always wanted to have a personal domain, somewhere where I can dump stuff that I'm working on and potentially build a CV (although it will probably help to make this place look pretty, if that's the plan...). One night, some neurons probably crossed paths, making me decide to buy this domain on a whim. I set up a repository on GitHub Pages, threw in some basic HTML, and called it a day. The result is the mess you're looking at now. Woohoo!

My plans for world domination begin, one small step at a time!

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